Friday, April 12, 2013

Tin Roof Drummer

The old tin roof started a tip a tap beat
As the first drops of rain hesitated
Tip tap tippa tippa tap came the beat
Down the holler the storm danced
Tin roof played a marching tune
Louder and harder the rain played
Thunder crashed and rattled windows
Rain paused and tin roof slowed
Tap tip tappa tappa tip tip
High on the hills the storm brooded
Turned loose the winds that shook
Almost lifting that ol' tin roof away
Like beating a bass drum rains boomed
Beating and banging without rhythm
Flailing and thumping and beating
Till those inside sat quiet and afraid
The storm paused, seemed satisfied
Moved away from the holler swiftly
Leaving just a few drops to play
A simple tune on the ol' tin roof
Tap tap tip tappa tap.

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