Monday, April 22, 2013

Magic Dances in the Trees


Listen to the hidden magic among the trees
Hidden just over there they play and sing.
Magical things, wondrous things dance.
They dance and sing and laugh happily
Not bound by the rules of mere mortal men.
Can't you hear them, can't you see
Or have you grown too old, too stodgy?
Do you even believe there is magic
That fantastic things play there in the woods?
Run now with me deep into the woods
Sit there on a stump, lets wait, just wait.
Listen with your heart, your dreams
Listen for the hidden things.
They will come, they will sneak in
Quietly at first, afraid of your grownupness.
You'll think them little birds or mice or such
They'll laugh at you, knowing you to be fooled.
Then as your gaze goes fuzzy, your ears buzzy
You'll catch one of them from the corer of your eye
Hear them just over yonder, so close
As they dance and sing and laugh... with you.

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