Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Before I Go

At times in the deep of night
As I lay in bed and wait for sleep
My mind wander to those precious things
Toys and tidbits of the mind
Set aside to be bumped and nudged
Picked up and played with quietly
Where no one sees or can steal.
Sweet kisses from my darlin'
My baby's hand wrapped around a finger
The sound of Daddy callin' "Supper".
The almost forgotten memory
Nudged into a corner but finally found
Of layin' in bed an' hearin' womenfolk
Cookin' breakfast in the early mornin'.
The salty pleasure of country ham
Big ol biscuits covered with gravy
Boiled coffee so dark an' hot
Wakin' me up with that aroma.
The taste of sweet watermelon
Drippin' down my chin and neck
Or that burnin' taste of moonshine
Shocked that it wasn't water
Surprised that there Mason jar
So cold and covered with dewdrops
Could choke a little nosey boy.
Feelin' mud between my toes
Sand rushin' from under my feet
As the tide pulls back and away.
Maybe wadin' in the creek
In the middle of the holler
Feet a slippin' an slidin'
As brother and I searched
Liftin' each rock to catch crawdads.
Smellin' sheets and ancient quilts
Fresh off the clothesline.
Waitin' to drift off but thinkin'
Knowin' there are more days behind
Than before me now.
Wonderin' about what happens
When my Father calls me home.
Hopin' I can pause as I go
And bump and nudge
Pick up and play with
Those wonderful memories
Just one more time
Before I go.

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