Monday, March 25, 2013

Unexpected Snow

A heavy wet snow covers the hills of home
Weighing down trees as it clings like an icy parasite
Pushing branch and bush low and breaking twig
Smothering the buds of the rhodedendren

Look up the hillside and see tracks of rabbits
Pathways pushed by squirrels awake and hungry
The cautious track... slow step and pause,
Step and pause as a doe wanders along the ridge.

Birds still wake and sing their eternal love songs
Their bright songs barely echo and are snow muffled
Yet they still sing and seek a mate,  a lover, hear them flirt
Incongruous in the snow laden landscape.

Down in the valleys and winding hollers below
Snow has painted cabins, barns and fields
With a stark white brush that makes brilliant
The contrast of worn browns and tired grays.

Smoke curls steady from chimneys tinted dark
By wood dampened by the unexpected flurries
Windows show occasional faces pressed to glass
Waiting to be released to run and play.

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