Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Lost Christmas

The lights continued to flash, blue, green, red, yellow
Day after day, night after night they flashed endlessly
Reflecting merrily upon silver, gold, red and green ornaments.
Catching the flash, mirrored on silver bright tinsel hanging late
On a tree ever so long, overdue, under-noticed, laden below
With unopened presents, dusty presents, dusty tree
Angel on top lonely and sad with just a whisper of cobweb
Hanging from her wings, dragging down her halo.
No one to hear the bells on Christmas Day, on Christmas Day
No child to come play, to squeal with delight
No little one to tear merrily into multicolored wraps
To find treasures, Santa secrets or parent packages.
Drunken fool on Christmas Eve, runs a light, he walks unscratched.
Now Daddy gone, For months Mama lay fighting...
little girl lost.

1 comment:

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

powerful imagery, smiles.

keep it up.