Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Waiting In The Wings

Though there is frost heavy
On each window as I gaze
Into the darkness
I am comforted by stars
Brilliant in a deep purple sky.
A stingy sliver, half circle of silver
Hangs low on the horizon.
Just enough illumination
To back light contrails
Straight lines in the early hours
Playing tic tac toe in the atmosphere.
Even now I smile at the promise
Of a newborn morning
As the ever circling sun
Throws shy hints over the horizon...
Pinks and ruddy oranges
A thoughtful hint of red
Serves as backdrop
To the dark and twiggy
Outline of trees in the distance.
Like a shy little mountain gal
Pushed onto a church stage
To sing for the first time,
Morning is on tippy toes
Peeking over the edge of the world
Ready to step out and sing...
Morning has broken.