Thursday, December 15, 2011

Moonstruck Minnows

A full moon hangs heavy over a quiet holler
Distant from highways and urban sprawl.
It is almost butter yellow up there
Pushed deep into a purple velvet night.
Below, it pulls at the thick mists
That wrap round the skirt of the hills
Causing them to dance an' swirl
Like a gypsy woman dancin' for her lover.
Dancin' an swirlin' so intense
That plain mountain folks remember
Stories of them gypsy woman
Stealin' babies an castin spells.
The mist causes old wives tales
To swirl an' dance in imaginations.

The moon reflects oddly
On the polished marble surfaces
Of monuments, memorials an' slick headstones
High on a ridge up yonder,
Overlookin' a small gatherin' of cabins.
Not enough coveyed up to be a town
Or even a village, just a blink in the road.
Moon reflects briefly on a pop bottle
RC cola bottle cast aside with no thought
Of redemption.

Pregnant moon reflects an' tugs
At an ancient creek
Wanderin' unbridled, unkempt
Through the silent holler.
Its gurgle and splash seeming too loud
As folks sleep on.
Moon reflects almost perfect like
Stuttered by an occasional ripple
Interrupted here an' again
By the flick of a minnows tail.

Reflected only briefly on the sides,
In the flash of dozens of minnows
Flickin' to the surface,
Flippin' like crazy
Crazy from the moon.
Moonstruck Minnows.

copyright Stephen Hollen 8/18/2008
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