Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Sizzling Dawn

Still dark and even the birds are snuggled in
Heads down close to their breasts
Little beaks open, panting in their sleep.
The heat of yesterday still lingers, waiting
Till sunrise fuels the beginning of a new day.
Grasses barely damp with morning dew
That too soon dried and is gone.
Mists linger high up in the hills
Like genteel ladies with skirts held high
Not daring to step down into the hollers.
Old mule sleeps and stirs, shakes a weary head
He stuck outside the window of a hot and stuffy barn.
Tin roofs ping in the night once, twice, again
Warping and shifting as they cool.
Sneaky old cat found its way to the root cellar
Cooling off and waiting for a sneaky mouse.
Old dog retreated early to his spot
Deep yonder under the house.
Big Ben alarm clock jangles and rings
A moan, a groan, a hand slaps the clock
Sizzling hot summer morning
No relief in sight.

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