Friday, April 22, 2011

Little Drips of Water

A little girl sits up front in the big girl seat
Holding her Daddy's hand as he drives
Smiling and happy as she travels to school
Dressed as always in her blue and white dress
Uniform for the day, little room for expression
The rain outside doesn't bother her,
Safe and warm beside her Daddy.
Wipers back and forth become a metronome
Creating a beat as she nods her head
Back and forth, back and forth
Her little hand reaches and her fingers
Trace the drops of rain on the window
She looks out, content, unaware of any care
And she sings to herself a song
Written and composed by her alone
Wipers keeping time as she serenades
Her approving audience of one...
It really doesn't matter, though
For she sings really for herself, quietly
"Little drips of water, little drips of water
Little drips of water..."
And her Daddy wishes that ride
Could go on forever.

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