Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Bird Songs

Early, early, damp, dark morning
Whispers of sunrise, glimpses of dawn
Six in the morning, rising for coffee
Smelling the bacon, hear the sizzle of eggs
Birdsong is rising, hinting near the horizon
Flying ahead and heralding morn.
Whistles and tweets and "tum tum tum twee twee
Arise and be joyful, take to your wings.
Join us in singing, fly up now skyward
Morning is coming, come, let us sing."


Granny Sue said...

Yes, the morning hallelujah chorus! So glad Spring is here and we can hear their jubilation.

Hyde Park Poetry Palace said...


birds sing,
your words bring
in spring..

Hyde Park Poetry Palace said...

invite you to contribute a poem to poets rally week 41, a free verse is accepted.

We encourage, we share, we love poets, and we have fun..

Poetry awards may be assigned to quality participants/ first time participants.

Hope to see you in.