Thursday, October 28, 2010

Postcard Marketing

A while back I wrote several blogs about the best marketing tool a performer can have… a business card.  I carry cards with me anytime I am out and hand them to others constantly.

There is another card to be played in a winning marketing hand.  It too is inexpensive and easy to use.  I am talking about the postcard, of course!

As I mentioned before, I use for most of my printing needs and postcards are no exception.  There are several other good online companies that you may choose to use to order postcards.

I use postcards in place of brochures much of the time.  Brochures in smaller quantities run about $1.00 on vistaprint.  Postcards about 7 cents.  This is a no brainer. 

A lot can be said on a two sided postcard.   I personally don’t use color on the backside, black and white printing is usually free, but it really doesn’t increase the cost much if you choose to do a color backside.

Full color postcards are often on sale at vistaprint with the first 100 free or significantly discounted.  The last cards I ordered cost about 7 cents each.  Combine that with 28 cents postage for a total of 35 cents per mailed postcard or $35 per hundred.

Important note!  Postcards are not a part of a broad marketing plan for me.  I tend to start with e-mail which is free or very low cost to do mass contacts.  Postcards are used for specific projects and/or specific mailings to a limited group.

The front side – in color is the hook to get the attention of your designated audience.  The backside allows you to give more information.  If you want to know how clean your mailing list is, be sure to include your return address on the backside.  If you know the list is clean, save that room for copy and forget the return address.

Pay attention to font size.  You may be able to use a size 4 font and get a ton of information on the back of a postcard… BUT NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO READ IT!!!  Limit the content to a reasonable amount and use a decent sized font.

Keep it brief.  Make the point you want to make and point the recipient to your website or blog.  I prefer to have my website address on both sides of the postcard.

Include your phone number!  Make it visible and easily found.

Want to add more information or send an additional note?  Find envelopes that fit your postcard.  Use the address area to write a note or add info.  You would be surprised how cool it is to open an envelope and pull out a  full color postcard!

If your printer can print on postcards, don’t use labels.  Stack them and print the address on each card.  If you have a small number to send, consider hand addressing them.  If you need to send a large number, consider the invisible labels.

The oversized postcards are nice, but the mailing cost is 44 cents, the cost is higher and averages about 60 to 65 cents each.  Almost double the cost of a standard card.  For a special event or program they are neat.  You can also get envelopes to fit them and you have more space to write in the address area.

I have several postcards I am using at present.  I redesign the postcards to fit specific needs and order limited quantities so the messages stay fresh.

The great thing about postcard marketing… you can try it without major expense!