Monday, January 25, 2010


Imagine with me
A day that calls to you
"Wake up, come on, awake".
A day that sings
A love song in your ears
Sweetly, softly singin'
Come play come
Play with me
I am just today"

Imagine sun so bright
All colors just scream
Dancin' an' jumpin'
Right at your face.
Makin' your eyes
Crinkle up an' grin.

Imagine a place
Makes the heart ache
Rugged in beauty.
Stole the heart
Long ago, stolen.
Beaten down hills
Dusty ol' road.
Tobaccer crop high
Green in the sun.
Big ol' magnolia
Flowers like washtubs
Everlast growin'
Promise of life.

Don't just imagine.
Go on home.
You know where I mean, child.
Go now, just go.

copyright 5/10/05


          and the fire burns

        like newly born fireflies

       wraps around clothes

copyright 3/12/05

Mist on the Water

The mist rests uneasily
On the water.
It moves lightly
Stirred and twirled
As if by unseen hands.

Copyright 3/5/05 Stephen Hollen