Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Basket

As I ponder this Easter basket, still filled with crinkled cellophane
The satin bow now hangs lopsided, lovely purple with saliva stains
Smudged with chocolate, muddy pawprints from a wound up child
Hyped up offspring with doubtful lineage scaring Grandpa, sugar wild.
Rummage through the chocolate wasteland, searching for a jelly bean
Carefully feel the bottom, search for treasure left by kiddies wicked, mean.
Yet still unbroken in all its glory, swirled with purple one single Easter egg
Single survivor of the ravage, stuck to a fuzzy, questionable chocolate bunny leg.
Should I, dare I, it mocks and tempts me, room temperature - week old treasure
Run, hide, crack the shell, then salt and pepper for this stolen pleasure.
Yet calmer thoughts and woeful memories come unbeckoned almost too late
Reminding me of other Easters, other spoiled eggs that I should not, but ate!

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