Thursday, February 25, 2010

Patriotic Programs for Summer

There are two new programs for summer of 2010.  Both are as a result of frequent requests for programs that are patriotic in nature.  Both are available year round, but are being featured for booking in June and July. 

Francis Scott Key stood as prisoner on a British vessel and watched as the British bombarded Fort McKinley in Baltimore.  As he sought a glimpse of the garrison's flag he began to pen the verses that were later put to music and finally became our National Anthem.  This program, presented by Stephen Hollen shows us as we stand today and look back, a glimpse of the lives, courage, struggles and stories of our Founding Fathers.

Courage, honor, patriotism are descriptions we often assign to those brave men and women that helped found our great country.  They are attributes that continue to be display even today by amazing individuals who proudly stand to be counted as they serve, show acts of selflessness, courage and prove the American Spirit is still alive and flourishing.  "WE THE PEOPLE" is a program that will share warm, encouraging and often bittersweet stories from all the generations of Americans who make our country great.

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