Sunday, January 03, 2010

Hillside Memories

In the heart of Clay County
Down by the Red Bird River
Not too far from Peabody
Is a hillside lush
With mountain laurel.

Walk up the hill slowly
Go quietly an' take off your hat.
Be silent, look around you
There sleeps pilgrims an' pioneers
Waitin' for the trumpet call.

Under the shade of a sycamore
Facin' the eastern sky
Lie grandparents, aunts an' uncles.
Restin' in silent slumber
Waitin' for their reward.

Ain't no famous folks there
No president or king.
Just plain ol' kin an' cousins
More cotton than sateen
Listenin' for the call.

Some stones are timeworn
No name or date to read.
Yet someone lays in slumber
Loved and mourned for once
Nameless, yet named on that day.

Stand there in revered silence
Look around in awe.
These gentle folks came before you
Made straight the paths
Await their reward.

copyright 1/8/05 Stephen Hollen

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