Sunday, January 17, 2010

And I Shall Sing

And I shall sing
I will stand on the mountaintop
Watch the sun rise over the hollers
With tears I will watch
The first rays of light touch
Cabin and smokehouse, barn and field.
I will hear the sounds of the mountains
Simple songs of daily life
Of hope and dreams
Of the grind of each day
Struggling to make a way.
Proud voices harmonizing
Midst the smell of coffee
And bacon, biscuits and eggs
Cooked early in the dawn
Making ready for a full day.
Maybe I'll spy an old man
Rising early to milk his cows.
Just buttoning his bibs
As he walks to the barn.
I will hear the rooster crow,
As if to say to God
The conductor,
Time for the show.

And God will step
Out on the the clouds,
Look over the hills of home
Start creation's melody
He'll look down on me
As I stand on the mountaintop
As if to give me a cue...
And I shall sing.

copyright 4/16/2006 Stephen Hollen

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