Friday, May 23, 2003

Sheep Dip Days

I am pretty excited! Today and all this weekend we have our World Famous "Sheep Dip Days" in my hometown of Beloved, Kentucky!

There are lots of fun activities, like the sheep dip grope where you feel around in a big tub of sheep dip for lil ol plastic toy sheep...the sheep dip free fer all where folks all jump into a huge pit of sheep dip and do a sort of sumo wrassle to see who gets thrown out of the dip...last one in wins!

Then there is the famous "take home your own bottle of sheep dip" stand run by Lucinda Precious. She is kin to the folks what run the Precious Smoked Meats shop in town. A whole pint bottle is still only $3.98, if ya can believe that!

And the things folks think of to put sheep dip in...sheep dip kraut, sheep dip cookies, sheep dip stew is my favorite. The sheep dip slathered barbeque mutton is right good as is the sheep dip and possum burgoo.

I didn't care much for the sheep dip beer, not bein' much of a drinkin' man. Other folks like it cause not only does it give ya a also cures worms.

Birdy Sue Poovey was selected as this years "Sheep Dip Queen" and she does look purdy. She had her hair all permed up with one of them home "do it yersef" kits from Toni! It is so fuzzy and looks just like a lambs behind.

Cousin Peanut has his Maytag in a barn on the fairgrounds and is sellin' rides, if ya want to ride the Maytag.

My Uncle Festus Hollen has several of my Grandpa's home made weed whackers...took a couple of ol' tobaccer sticks and tied mosquitoes to the end. shake 'em real hard and they start a buzzin' and they wings is a goin'. Then ya turn 'em upside down and let their wings cut down the weeds round the ol' cabin. Uncle Fes sells 'em for $14.98. If ya want one what has his beak dulled it is $19.98. I recommend these cause ya don't want to get bit by a skeeter the size of a small poodle!

The Booger Holler Community Choir will be singin' their critically acclaimed "Watermelon Chorus". Yeah, I know it ain't Christmas, but the Mayor asked 'em to sing and Sister Hazel Nutt Budder is all a flutter over it. Course, that is another story 'bout how the Watermelon Chorus got started.

Hope to see ya there. I'm guest judge at the sheep dip guzzlin' contest! Ask anybody, they'll know where I am.

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