Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gossamer Copter

No story, no verse. I just think this image of a dragonfly I captured on my camera is wonderful. Such a tiny filamentous, gossamer creature resting on a twig. I can't help but wonder how many passed it by, never seeing it, never realizing it was even there. I paused and watched as it sat unmoving for so very long.

Then I realized I may have passed by just such a dragonfly a thousand times in that wetland. I may have walked by oblivious. Yet I wonder, did it see me? Did its kaleidoscope eyes watch as I stomped along? Did its dragonfly heart race in fear?

How often we sit in the cocoon of our homes, never going outside to see, to be. The dragonfly perhaps rests safer, but how poor we are for our disinterest.

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