Thursday, December 18, 2008

Step Out

What's your story
Who are you
Where do you hide?
The real you
The you nobody
Ever sees
Knows or meets.
Why do you hide
What are you hiding?
When will you step out
From behind the facade
And live life?

Meet me in the hills
Wander the woods
Sit and let mice play
Romping over your boots
Sneaking under your soles.
Listen to sunrise
Watch the sunset
Sing quietly in harmony
With the birds
Giggle at the doe
Who startles
When you sneeze.

Remember your place
In all of creation
You are not a product
Of plastic, electronics
Or concrete and brick.
You are called
Your name is whispered
Sung silently day after day
By trees, bushes
Hills, hollers
Rocks, rills and ridges
The very stones thrum
Tum Thrum
Spelling out a love song
To you
In some sort of
Ancient code
Letter by letter
Calling you home.

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