Friday, October 05, 2007


Simple spiderweb
Damp with dew
Glistens like diamonds
On a necklace
On a backdrop
Of midnight blue sky
Hanging just beneath
The sleepy moon.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Hidden Treasures

I walked into the coolness of the woods
To get away from the heat of noonday
Following a narrow path
Winding round oak, hickory and maple
Not goin' anywhere, just walkin'
Feelin' the quiet breeze on my face
Whisperin' for me to go on
Move in, follow the path.
I paused for a moment,
Looked up into the trees
Noticin' they were already
Droppin' leaves onto the floor
Of the autumn woods.
When I walked on,
Takin' my time, drinkin' in the stillness
Feastin' on the richness
Of the day.
I walked across a narrow footbridge
Stopped in the middle
Looked down the creek
That lay below the bridge.
Minnows ran back and fort
In glee, laughin' as they fled
Playin' an everlastin' game of tag.
Leaves had already begun to fall
Layin' quiet on the surface
Of the creek, still, not movin' at all.
Water skippers danced on the water
Skating as if on a frozen pond.
I leaned on the rail, hypnotized
Wantin' to jump in and cry
"Tag, you're it."