Thursday, March 29, 2007

Gone Home

Gone to the hills
Seeking my muse
Songs of the mountains
Hills humming
Whisperin' my name
I'll hear it as I drive
Callin' again an' again,
Come home
We miss you
Come home.
I'll go faster still
Till I am home
to the hills.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Flight of Fancy

Oh, that I could fly
To stretch forth wings
And push away
From the clods of dirt
Reach out with magic
To slip through air
Just feel the winds
Raise me up
And toss me
Like a bit of down
Shaken from a bird
Released to go
Where it will.

Oh that I could fly,
And look down below
With tears in my eyes
At the hills of home.
That I could see
With birds eye view
The hollers, creeks
Rivers and rugged cliffs
Of Appalachia.
That I could take in
Even more than I can
See, feel, taste, hear
And touch
Of my Beloved home.