Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What Do You Miss?

Dear Cousins,
Recently some of my storyteller friends asked, "What do you miss most from your childhood?"
When I read the responses I smiled wistfully.  More than once I said "yes, I miss that too" quietly to myself.

I miss more than things, though.  I do miss the toys, the candy, the wonderful
 television shows from my childhood, but more importantly, I miss the
 quietness of life, the innocence of being a little boy, they joy of
 facing each new day like it is a treasure.

It is a wonderful time; childhood, a time when cutting off an old pair
 of pajama bottoms at the knee, adding a big wide belt from Mama's
 closet and tying one of her best red scarves round my head made me a pirate for
 the day.  A construction paper eye patch held on with thread and a Roy
 Rogers pistol that could magically turn into a musket finished off the
 ensemble.  I wasn't afraid or embarrassed to go out into public and down
 the road to the woods to play pirate all day with my little brother.
  Mama and Daddy never called for us or came looking, cause they knew we
 were around close.

Remember having a girlfriend that your heart just ached for, thinking
 she was just the prettiest thing in the world... and then blushing
 'cause she said hi to you in the hall at school?

Remember coming home all hot and sweaty and Mama telling you to take a
 quick bath before supper 'cause Daddy didn't want to smell dirty boys
 all through supper?  Or going up an' splashin' round in the tub without
 ever getting in... and rubbin' the washrag over your face to prove you
 did bathe?  Of course the dirt and sweat on the rest of your body was a
 dead give away!!

I miss walking to my Grandma's house a good piece down the road to see if she had
 peanut butter cookies made an' walkin' back home with a fistful... and not
 having to ask permission.

A kid just did that back then.

Yes, I miss that time, that era,
that place that fades in my memory
until I stop and make myself sit still,
till I say to myself...
"yes, I remember that."


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