Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Storm Risin'

The thunderheads had threatened
Near all day long.
Grumblin' an' carryin' on over the ridge
For ever so long,
Cursin' an' spittin' at the hills
Barkin' down the hollers.

Finally the storm broke loose
Terrible rain,
Horrible storm beatin' life down.
Washin' an' scrubbin'
Like a spinster aunt who never even
Washed a baby child.

Those in the hills, kith and kin
Bird an' beast
Could hardly take a breath.
Like drownin'
Hard to hear or see through the rain
Time to hunker down.

Storm finally slows and dies
Wasted an' worn.
First out an old brammer bull
Fearin' nothin
Wanders to an ol' hickory fence post
Leans hard.

A coon, 'bout drowned crawls top a log
Hair punked up
Lookin' all wild an hassled by the rain
Birds wake, sing
Life moves on quickly, merrily
After the storm.

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