Friday, August 04, 2006

Opportunistic Toad

Last night as I walked
Round my little homestead
Surveying my patch of land.
I watched the night sky
As lightning played
At the corner of my eye.
I thought to myself
That I must remember
To turn off the lights
Shining in the dark
Outside my home.

As I rounded the corner
I changed my sleepy mind
As I saw a toad
Dark from hiding in the mulch
Sitting silently below a light
Waiting patiently
For the occasional bug
Drawn by my light
Dancing in the night
Flying a bit too low
Then becoming a feast
For an opportunistic toad.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Supper Time

Just to be in the hills
Sittin' on the porch
Of a rugged ol' cabin
No more than a throw
From a creek
Runnin' deep an' cold.
Minnows swim this way, that
Dancin' 'round half dozen
Bottles of Grape Nehi
Chilled icy by the stream.
Air cooled by the creek
Just like the soda pop.
Rockin' in an' ol' chair,
Hearin' your ol' dog snore,
Lunch is over, supper not done.
Waitin' to hear a call,
"Supper time, supper time".