Friday, April 14, 2006

Do You Dream Of Her?

Do you dream of her?
Feel the touch of her lips
On yours in your dreams,
The soft smile
Aimed at your heart?
Find yourself dreamin'
Of her in your waking?

Do you dream of her?
Remembering the last time
Your hands briefly touched
Your fingers brushed her skin
And chills went down
Your spine at the remembrance?

Do you dream of her?
Of what she was to you
Of what she is to you
Of what she will be?

She walks soft
In your heart.
Wanders the backroads
Of your memories.
Her presence silently
Crosses hill and holler
Reminding you
Of that one
Sweet, soft kiss.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Almost Over

It is almost over
Last breath, last breath
Waiting, silent and still
Waiting for that moment
That final taste of being.

Waiting till it is done,
Till all has been said
Waiting for the dawn
Breath of another day.
When shall it come?

It is almost over
Slow, brief agony
Breathe deep,
Breath rattles
When shall it come?

Almost over
Waiting still
Morning breaks
Heat of day comes
No mercy yet
It comes, shall we wait?