Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Puddle Jumpers

There is a small puddle
Just a rut filled with water
High on a mountain
In the Appalachian hills
It is far from any stream
Creek or river.
As I walked by
I would see ripples
Often there would be bubbles.
I stopped today
Sat on a fallen tree
Waited and watched.
For I knew there had to be
A wonderment.
Soon, not soon enough
A small frog
Stuck out his head,
Climbed out of the puddle.
He was joined by two
Little frogs on the muddy rut.

When I rose to leave
I saw three ripples
Bubbles in the water
And I knew that there
Away from any source
Where tadpoles might grow
Lived three little frogs.

I walked by again and again
Just to see them jump
Ripple and bubble
In a small puddle
In the rut of a path
High on a mountain
In the Appalachian hills.

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