Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Night wonders

Serendipity woke me
Just a few nights ago
Early in the morning
I was up and opening the door
To my cabin in the hills.

Standing in the light
From a light high
On an electric pole
Stood three deer
Eating acorns
Enjoying the early morning
Just a few yards
From my cabin door.

I paused in wonder
Not sure what had
Awakened me.
Nor why I stepped
To the front door
And looked out
On the morning.

They were not sure
What I was
Or why I stepped into
Their breaking fast.
Cautiously one came
Closer and closer still
Stomping a foot
Trying to make me move.

I would not
Did not move.
Filled with excitement,
I knew even a slight motion
Would end that moment
Of serendipity.

Wanting it to go on forever
I grinned and watched the show.
Then, as quick as a tremor
A tail went up.
All three looked at me.
Tails up, a few steps
Then a run into the woods
Hard and heart pounding
As the fled for safety.

I whistled
They stopped
Wonderment and curiosity
They circled and watched me now.
Stomping a foot
Till I moved
And went inside
Back to bed.

It was a wonderment.

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