Monday, June 26, 2006

Olde Tyme Music Festival

One of the finer times I have had this year storytelling happened over the weekend on Saturday as I sat with friends and told stories in the shade of old maples while musicians picked, bowed and sang in the close distance of Caesars Creek Pioneer Village.

Together with my two storytelling friends a web of tall tales was woven that trapped children and grown folks alike as they walked by or came to sit and listen.  Straw bales were the chairs of the day and most bales were constantly filled as listeners were treated to Jack tales, Celtic stories and, of course, stories about my hometown of Beloved, Kentucky...and my Cousin Peanut.

Hundreds of folks stopped in.  We started at 11:00 and literally did not stop till 3:00 for a half hour break.  Jack's Mama, Sandy Messerly and I tag teamed.  As one finished another would stand and begin.  Many folks stayed for one, tow and a few for almost three hours at a time.  Others would sit for a while and leave to eat or listen to music and then come back.

The wind cooled us and we were never without shade, so it was a lovely day.  I had a chest full of sweet tea on ice to revive our tongues and throats and fried green tomato sandwiches satisfied out hunger.

Sometimes things are just right and this weekend was no exception.  I was the only teller on Sunday and I would tell for an hour and break for thirty minutes.  forty or fifty folks, kids and adults sat and listened to me as I told about Beloved and good ol' Peanut.  they came to hear old favorites and were not bashful about asking for their favorite stories.

the last story I told was a sad one I call "Ol' Sooner".  when it was done my weekend was made when a beautiful little girl came up to me and asked..."was that story true?"  those are words writers and storyteller yearn for.  the story has passed beyond the realm of "tall tale" and made someone stop and ponder, perhaps wanting the story to be real.

My answer, as always..."well if it ain't, it should be, shouldn't it?"   And she shook her head, smiled and said, "yeah, it sure should be."

Magic, dear cousin, pure magic.


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