Tuesday, May 23, 2006

To the Hills we go!

I am leaving today for a short trip to our little place in Tennessee.  Just 4 days in the mountains before I change jobs, but I will savor every minute like an old dog chewin' slowly on a ham-bone.  By now the trees are fully green and I'll be able to see a few dogwood blooming on the hillsides.  I reckon it will be so thick with new growth that the deer I see in winter and early spring with whisper by the cabin without my notice.

I am going alone.  I love to be there alone.  I'll work on the inside while I am there and try to get the strips of wood that will make up the ceiling nailed in.  I'll put up one ceiling fan for sure and maybe move some electric outlets.

A bath house is next - maybe this year.  It will have the well pump, hot water heater, sink, toilet and shower.  A line over to the cabin will give water for the small kitchen.  Next year I begin the swinging bridge that will lead to the tree-house/guest cabin about 20 feet in the air and 50 feet into the woods.  Nothing grand.  Just about 10x12 attached to the trees and access via the rope bridge.  I'll probably have electric to it just by a temporary cord whenever anyone uses it.  That will supply lights and a small propane wall heater will heat it.

Sorry for the ramble.  I am pretty well excited about going down.  I'm sure I'll have much to say when I get back.  Probably some old ragged verse to throw on here.


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