Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I received a message this morning asking if I thought I was too good to add other blogs to my network.  I had to chuckle a bit and did want to respond.  It is a good question and you might have wondered the same thing... in one form of thought or another.

I use this blog as a writing tool.  I travel often and sometimes do not have a journal or pad of paper with me.  It is often easy to find my computer, or one in a hotel where I might be staying and put a few thoughts down.

I am a storyteller, I have told in 27 states as a teller (am telling at the Appalachian Festival in Cincinnati this weekend).  I also write verse - I call it Old Ragged Verse... as you have seen.  This is often where I begin with a thought, a verse or a story.  They are often first attempts.  Sometimes they might be something I have half baked in a journal or on a scrap of paper.

Mostly I write here because the writer, no the storyteller in me needs to be heard.  Writing is a lonely task and seeing the number of folks that stop by gives me a feeling that what I write might touch  kindred folk.

I don't have other blogs in my network because I don't often have time to search them out and read them.  When I have stopped to read I am taken aback by the wonder of peeking into other lives.  I am often humbled by the depth of feeling others express.

Lastly, I want this to be a cleft in the rock where a weary soul can stop, read and rest their spirit.  I don't imagine that this is better, or even as good or worthy as other blogs.  It is simply here with the hope that you will read, remember that place that is magical to you and pause to reflect...and smile for a moment at the memories.


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