Monday, January 16, 2006

Heart of the Mountain

Coal dust is in his pores
Likker runs his veins.
Tobaccer smoke pours out his mouth
Poverty his middle name.

Dozen children's all she has
Weary is her soul.
Workin' to keep house an' home
Livin' on commodity dole.

Proud man, humble woman
Careful in their speech.
Hardscabble life an' few rewards
Pity ain't given or received.

Heart of the mountains
Hear them sigh.
Hear them cry an' breath.

Heart of the mountains
Watch them stand
Always on their own.

Heart of the mountain
Watch them go
Generation soon lost.

Heart of the mountain
Where'd they go
Why'd they ever leave?

Heart of the mountain
Listen, hear
Silence in their place.

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