Friday, September 30, 2005

Change of Weather

Fall is sneakin' in,
Real quiet like.
Not windy an' blowin' or
Leaves a droppin' fast.

No sir, Fall ain't
Comin' like that.
Real gentle like
Tryin' to be nice.

Just you wait,
You'll see I'm right.
One night the windows
Will be closed 'fore bed.

They'll be a quilt
Folded at the foot
Of an already blanketed bed
Just in case.

Fall's comin', y'all.
Mark my word, now.
Wrappin' round things
Hunkerin' down in the hollers.

Don't be invitin'
Fall home , now.
They's too much to do.
Cannin' needin' done.

Fall will have a chance.
Just let it be.
Don't be wishin' for
Cold weather just yet.

Too much to be done.

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