Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Come go with me
Let's run away now.
Follow me to the hills
I'll take you to my secret place.

Run away now
Don't think.
Don't wait for the world
To talk sense into your head.

Follow me, come
I'll show you magical places
Where whipperwills call
So mournful you'll cry.

Walk deep into the hills
Step slow in the shadows.
Far under the tall hickory
Neath the giant oak.

Just walk away
Away from the rush.
Away from the hurry
The busy that robs the soul.

Stop an' listen a bit
Close your eyes.
Open your ears and wait
There, can you hear?

Do you see, smell taste
Oh, it is good.
It is clean an' new an' callin'
Can't you hear?

Won't you hear
Please just listen.
Don't be wooed
By the hustle an' rush.

Stop, don't run
Don't run back.
Them hills need you
Much as you need them.

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