Monday, May 30, 2005


I'm a travelin' man
And I love to roam.
I have me a house
But its not my home.
I roam the hills
Goin' here and there.
Not carin' much
When folks stop,
Look an' stare.

Cause I'm a travelin' man.

I walked the hills
One dark lonely night
Heard a noise
Gave me a fright.
It was a squall
Like a voice o' the dead.
Screamin' angry
Woke folks out of bed.
Peeked around
What did I see?
A big ol' coon
Grinnin' at me.

Cause I'm a travelin' man.
A ramblin' man
A raggedy shaggedy taggedy man
That's what I am.

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