Sunday, May 15, 2005

Spring has sprung

Beloved, Kentucky is right wonderful this time of year.  It is spring an' the hills are alive with newness.  Farmers are plantin' now, past the middle of May an' no frost will happen this late.  Fields are bein' plowed an' folks already are out in the woods an' along the creeks gatherin' spring greens.

Along 'bout any streem a feller will find "creasys" or cress - watercress.  Women gather it an' make "kilt" salad with bacon grease, vinegar an' a little sugar cooked hot an' poured over the cress to "kill" it or wilt it.  In the woods they find lambs quarter, ramps an' maybe some Queen Anne's Lace to make lace cookies.

There are young lambs an' pigs in many barnyards.  Chicks an' ducks are makin' noise, announcin' to the world they have arrived.  Birds are a nestin' an' the world just feels good.

'Course, the main way folks know it is spring is passin' the Bel-Aire Mountain Movies, the drive in just outside of Beloved.  Folks know its spring 'cause the owner, Bertie Combs has taken down the sign he keeps up all winter...

It says:  When Spring has sprung an' grass has riz... This is where the movies is!

When that sign comes down, folks round 'bout Beloved know that spring is here to stay.

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