Thursday, March 03, 2005

Unfinished Dreams

I have dreamed unfinished dreams
Awakened before they were complete.
Walked toward an unseen place
But wandered lost in the fog.

I have climbed part way
To the top of the hills.
Stopped just shy of the peaks
Then sat and admired the beauty.

Yet I am not fully satisfied
I ache and hunger still.
My heart yearns and tugs
Toward unkept promises.

These days I lay long in bed,
Dozing and waiting now
For the dream to suddenly appear
The fog to quickly lift.

And I will walk to the end of the path,
Past the unseen curves to the end.
I will wake and smile knowingly
For I have seen the end.

With boots tied well I climb to the top
Anxious to reach the peak.
With wild grins I will look out
And see the valleys way below.

I am the keeper of unfinished dreams
The walker of unfollowed paths.
I have kept them in my heart
Waiting for today.

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