Friday, March 18, 2005

Lights of Home

A soft down home drawl
Makes the weary soul smile
As it calls from a front porch
"Y'all step in an' rest for a while."

The heart cries out, "Almost Home!"
Urging the traveler on
But that welcoming smile
An' empty rocker say "Come on up".

"So, Where y'all from?
Who's your folks?
Been away from the hills long?
How long ye gonna stay?"

Sweet hospitality soothes
Warms the travel worn heart.
Gentle questions loose the tongue
Takes the mind off urgency.

Minutes pass to 'most an hour
Sun climbs high o'er the hill.
Tea, thick an' sweet
Quenches an' washes dust away.

'Fore long it's time to go
Not without regret.
Paper poke stuffed full of grub
An' hugs around the neck.

Stranger's chance upon the road
Now friends left behind.
Never a stranger in the hills
Oft' a cousin y'all find.

Dusty road seems shorter now
Feet lift quick an' high
As they dance the country road
Heart ain't weary now.

Yet the heart still urges on
"Not home yet" it cries.
Eyes look out for landmarks
Memories unbidden rise.

Slowly, slowly walk the dusty lane
Step careful up the hill.
Pause an' rest upon the ridge
What joy... the lights of home.

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