Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Cart Surfer

I have to open up and confess
Tell someone what is on my mind.
Have a Tell It Now gatherin'
Speak my peace, once for all.

Y'see, I am a shopping cart surfer
A grocery aisle roller.
Freewheelin' on a grocery cart
Whizzin' past the produce.

I walk calmly in the crowd
Wait patient for a break.
Seek the empty aisle
No shoppers in my path.

Then I push right hard
Grab on, lift my feet.
Lean into the cart
And fly over the concrete.

My winged cart whizzes
On past the produce.
Through the bread an' cakes
Down by the laundry products.

Then, quickly as I start
I'm done, respectable.
I stroll past the ancient lady
Wrapped in her moth worn furs.

Nod to the meat counter girl
Grinnin', knowin' me.

Seen her on a grocery cart,
Leaning forward, feet lifted.
Smilin' like me
Eyes closed, wind on her face.

There are many like us
Saw one yesterday.
Sweet pretty brown-eyed girl
Lookin' round, leanin' for take off.

I'll go again, you know
Clandestine shoppin' surfer.
Wait till no one sees me
Lean in, push off an' go.

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