Thursday, April 22, 2004

Springtime in Beloved

Y'all may find it hard to believe, but Spring just came bustin' in to my hometown of Beloved, Kentucky in the past few weeks. Winter wasn't much snow to speak of, but it was dreary.

If you go through town you'll see dogwoods blooming white, pale pink and a deep pink just like the cheeks of a blushin' country gal. The magnolias have bloomed and a few are droppin' petals already. Underneath each magnolia there is a carpet of petals like cotton candy snow.

On the hillsides surrounding the holler Beloved sits in, a feller can see redbuds bloomin' and wild dogwoods darin' the other trees to come out to play. When we have a frost in the mountains you can look out early in the mornin' and see a line markin' where the frost ends on the hill. It is like each hilltop is sprinkled with sugar.

Down at the one end of Main Street you can find "Precious Smoked Meats". Folks drive by just to smell the wonderful smells of apple, hickory or maybe some pecan wood smoke comin' from the barbeque pit. Wakin' up an' walkin' down there to get a fresh biscuit and country ham sandwich with a cup of coffee is a treat you can't miss. Seein' the wood smoke rise up to meet the mist comin' down the hillside makes a grown man want to swear he will never leave this magical little town.

Annie Pankey owns "Pankey's Hankies". She sells antiques, linens and old time lace goods. Annie ain't quite right sometimes, so most folks just smile when they see a plastic jack o'lantern filled with daffodils sittin' in her window.

Over to the Henny Penny farmers gather early for breakfast and to talk about plantin', rain an' politics. Plantin' and the weather is usually the more important topic. Most folks 'round here have learned that politics and politicians are 'bout all the same and as necessary as the mange on a dog.

The day is bright today and songbirds are on every tree right now. It is a day to stop and think to yourself, "This is the day the Lord has made. I reckon I'll rejoice an' be glad in it."

Yes sir, He makes 'em all mighty fine here in Beloved. When you come, stop by an' stay for a while with us. I'll fluff the feather bed an' put on a couple nice quilts just in case.

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