Friday, October 24, 2003

First Frost

There is a chill in the air tonight.
Chickens started roostin' pretty early too.
Twilight and the fog is already started down
Covering the underbrush, slidin' round the trees.

There is a brittle feel to the air.
Like it is hidin' icy fingers,
Waiting to reach out and wrap frosty hands
Round cabin, barn and farmyard.

There is a bone cold feel this evenin'.
Feller needs a coat to go check the barn,
Needs a sweater round the house.
Get that stove a going good, now.

There is a frost just a settlin' in.
Just wait and you'll see, brother.
Grass will be icy blades under foot,
Cracklin' like cellophane as you walk.

There, there it is in the window corner.
See it yonder, there, first frost,
Sneakin' into the cabin near bedtime.
Thinkin' a feller won't see the signs.

There is first frost tonight.
Cover your roses and them mums, now.
Crackly, crinkly frost on the window.
Extra quilts on the bed tonight.

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