Wednesday, July 02, 2003

The Things in the Smokehouse

Y'all ever go into the smokehouse
All alone an' by yourself?
Late at night when the hooty owls are a-huntin'
An' tree frogs are a-screamin' bloody murder?

It's a scary thing, I tell you'uns that.
Why, the door itself is agin ye.
Hinges screechin' like they ain't ever seen oil
An' the door's heavier at night than in the day.

Lookin' into an ol' dark smokehouse is a frightful thing.
It smells good, like smoked meats an' sweet woods,
But don't you'uns be fooled an' be off'n yer guard.
They is things what is in there, waitin' for ye.

Them hams hangin' high ain't jus' curin' as they sway,
An' that big ol' strip o' bacon, why'd it move?
Somethin' ain't just right, there ain't no wind.
Things is in there, don't go in.

Y'all can looky 'round the logs from the outside,
See, see 'em move, see them shaders flit and jump?
Don't even think o' stickin' yer nose close to the chink,
Them things will a-get ye nose.

I heerd tell of a youngin' what was sent out late,
Sent to get peppered bacon for next mornin's fare.
His dang brother shut the door on the lil feller.
In the dark, he saw them things in there.

His Mama heerd him scream, beg to be let out,
When that older boy was sent to open the door...
He weren't there, was gone, not a hair.
Them things in there, they took 'em.

All the youngin's reckoned he was a foolin'
Somewhere laughin' an' waitin' fer a while.
Later, his Mama sent 'em out into the weeds an' bushes,
But he weren't there...them things was though, I know.

Now y'all can laugh an' make a lot o' fun,
I know it don't make no sense a-tall.
Ain't nothin' in the smokehouse, ye say,
Ye looked this mornin'...cain't see a thing.

But they is things in there,
I don't rightly know if they is spook or haint,
Could be a smokehouse ghost or booger,
But I do know they is things in there.

Want to see, to listen, to take a lil ol' peek?
You'uns come down,now, late at night,
I'll take ye, an' shut ye in the smokehouse fer a while,
Ye can see fer yerself...if things is in there.

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