Monday, June 16, 2003

Henry Kay and Orvina

Last Sunday I was visiting Beloved Baptist Church. They recognized Henry Kay and Orvina Snoddy of Bear Rump, Kentucky for their upcoming 70th Wedding Anniversary on February 14th. They are being sent to Branson, MO on a bus tour with the Booger Holler Holiness Church this Saturday, so the preacher had to recognize them last Sunday.

They live in the same little ol' cabin over on Bear Rump they took up housekeepin' in 70 years ago. The preacher asked them how old they both were and before Orvina could nudge him, Henry Kay shouted out, "She's 86 and I am 85". The whole church laughed as Orvina blushed. No one realized it was her that robbed the cradle!

They are an odd couple in ways. He is only 'bout 5'4" and might weigh 120 drippin' wet in a soppin' turkish towel. She is close to 6' tall. There is no doubt that they still are in love. They hold hands all the time and Henry Kay is always pattin' on her and kissin' on her cheek as he walks by her.

The preacher asked them if they was always so in love and Orvina said no, there was rough times in their marriage, just like most. She got a little teary eyed and squeezed Henry Kay's hand even harder as they both grinned.

Then the preacher asked what made their marriage last.

"We got separate rooms" Orvina said.

The preacher said, "What?" before he could stop himself.

"Yessir. That is what saved out marriage during the rough times. We got separate rooms."

The preacher didn't know what to say, so he said, "Well, congratulations anyway, Orvina and Henry Kay." and he started to go on.

Orvina wasn't done.

"It was the snorin' that did it. Almost broke us plumb up. Made things real bad for a while. I reckon it would cause the foundations of the house to shake. What-nots would be shaked off'n the shelves in the parlor from the snorin'. " She confessed.

"Preacher, it almost tore us apart. Then we got separate rooms and all was well. We been together and happy as two bugs in a rug since."

Every eye in the church was on Henry Kay. He just sat and beamed at Orvina. More than one was thinkin', "What a saint that Orvina is." Or maybe, "Yes, us womens do have crosses to bear."

Then Henry Kay spoke up and said, "Yep, Preacher, We are plumb happy. And if the snorin' gets too loud, I just get up and shut Orvina's door and it don't bother me a'tall. Poor thang. She must have adenoids the size of mushmelons."

With that Orvina blushed again and Henry Kay kissed his bride smack dab on the mouth...right there in church!

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