Thursday, May 15, 2003

I have mentioned to you before that my family is an inventive clan. You may remember my Grandpa (and namesake) Steve Hollen was growin' mosquitoes years ago. He was tryin' to see how big he could get them.

Once he got 'em to pocket size, he would fill them up with ink and used them as fountain pens. They wrote pretty good, but was nasty varmints. Folks didn't want a fountain pen that would bite right through a feller's shirt pocket and go after bare skin.

Grandpa Steve Hollen got them mosquitoes to about the size of a small pup after a while. He had the idea of gettin' 'em big enough to fly, but after them Wright brothers came out with that gas powered plane, folks just lost interest in bug powered flight.

Well Grandpa had another idea when he saw how hot tempered them mosquitoes was. He got himself an old tobacco stick about 4 foot long and some balin' twine. He waited till a mosquito fell asleep and tied it's legs to the end of that stick.

Now, they would wake up right mad and start a buzzin' and a carryin' on right smart. Their wings would be a flappin' and all. Grandpa would turn that stick upside down and run it along the fence row and around the cabin.

Y'all ain't gonna believe it, but them buzzin' wings would cut down ever' single weed an' blade o' grass. They weren't nary a one left standin'.

Yessir, my Grandpa (and namesake) invented the very first weed-whacker!

Ya heard it here first.

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