Monday, April 29, 2002

Dear Cousins,
I don't reckon I know why I let the youngin's talk me into gettin' ducks for them for Easter. I reckon it is just a sign of senility! Yes, I knew Ducks grow fast. Yep, I know the volume of Duck butter them produce.

I imagine it is because I was never allowed to have ducks when I was a youngin' myself. 'Course, we lived in town and had a small yard when I was growin' up. We have the space and it really isn't a bother here.

I have enjoyed the sorry things. I loved watching them get excited when they would see me stroll out and fill thei water and feed things. When they are in the yard, they get only so far from me before they get scared and run back around my feet.

I reckon I am a regular surrogate Mama Duck!

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